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Innovative ribbons for various industrial sectors.

Custom ribbon manufacturer

As a ribbon manufacturer, we are committed to meeting your needs with unique creations.

We understand that every project needs a distinctive touch that sets it apart. That’s why we put our expertise in designing rigid or elastic ribbons, woven or cut, printed and much more, at your service. Our wide range of ribbons includes exquisite options such as satin, grosgrain, twill and velvet, among other refined textures.

Whether you’re looking for tapes for industry, luxury packaging, cosmetics or apparel, we’ve got the solutions you need. Our ribbons are available in different sizes, from 10 to 130 mm wide, and in a variety of textures, from rigid to elastic, from woven to die-cut, and even printed. You can also choose from a wide range of colors to match your corporate identity.

Varied materials for specific applications

Our expertise as a ribbon manufacturer enables us to work with all types of materials to meet your specific needs. We use a variety of materials, both synthetic and natural, to create top-quality ribbons.
Do you have special requirements in terms of technical properties? We can supply M1 fire-retardant tapes for specific projects, water-repellent tapes for outdoor use, or UV-resistant tapes for extra durability. Whatever your sector of activity, our tapes are designed to meet your needs.

fabricant de ruban textile et tissé
fabricant de ruban textile et tissé

Ecological ribbons, a commitment to the environment

Environmentally-friendly ribbons, made from recycled and/or recyclable materials, are at the heart of our commitment. By choosing our eco-friendly ribbons, you’re actively helping to preserve our planet by reducing our carbon footprint. We also promote the use of plant-based materials such as cotton and linen, sustainable alternatives to synthetic materials. Make an eco-responsible choice by selecting our environmentally-friendly ribbons.


Consulting, research and manufacturing

Our innovative approach allows us to accompany you as a true partner, from the project idea to the industrialization of the finished product.


Our large experience in the world of textiles and plastics processes enables us to advise and guide you in your choice of products. If you encounter technical problems with one of your textile or plastic products, we are here to find solutions. Tell us about your projects so that we can help you solve your problems. We are no longer just your supplier, we become your partner!

R & D

Basic and experimental research is in the company's DNA. We are always on the lookout for new technologies from our suppliers and partners, so that we can offer you the most innovative solutions on the market. Our 2 laboratories allow us to carry out all kinds of research, development and tests quickly in order to develop and perfect new manufacturing processes and new materials.


We are able to design products from existing models or we can create a new product based on your specifications or a jointly developed specification. We study the constraints linked to the realization of your product, and we propose the most economical solution that meets your needs. If we can integrate a large part of eco-responsibility from the design stage, we will do so with passion.

FAQ | Ribbon manufacturer

Ribbon weaving is a manufacturing process in which threads are interlaced to form flat ribbons. These ribbons can be used in a variety of applications, such as sewing, decoration, belts, straps, bracelets and much more.

The yarns most commonly used in ribbon weaving are cotton, polyester, silk, nylon and satin ribbon. Each type of yarn offers different characteristics in terms of strength, brightness, texture and durability.

The ribbon weaving process involves the use of a specialized loom. Warp threads are stretched over the loom, while weft threads are inserted perpendicularly through the warp threads using a shuttle or modern weaving machine. This process creates an interwoven structure that forms the ribbon.

Ribbons can be woven in different widths, ranging from a few millimeters to several centimeters. The width depends on the loom configuration and project specifications.

Woven ribbons can be finished in a variety of ways to add special features. Common finishes include hemming edges to prevent fraying, adding decorative selvedges, printing patterns or logos, and applying special treatments such as primer for better colorfastness.

Les rubans tissés trouvent de nombreuses applications dans divers domaines. Ils sont utilisés dans la confection de vêtements, la décoration de tissus d'ameublement, les projets de couture et de tricot, les accessoires de mode, les emballages-cadeaux, les arts et l'artisanat, ainsi que dans l'industrie de la papeterie pour la reliure et la décoration.

 Woven ribbons offer several advantages. They are durable, versatile and can be made with a wide variety of yarns and patterns. What's more, they have a pleasant texture, are easy to handle and can add a touch of elegance to many creative projects.

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