Industrial textile cutting

Discover our expertise in industrial textile cutting.

Industrial fabric cutting process

We can provide customized industrial textile cutting for a wide variety of textiles. Whether for composite materials, reinforced technical fabrics or special textiles, our tailor-made approach guarantees professional-quality results that perfectly meet the specific needs of each project.


Our skills in industrial textile cutting encompass three main techniques: hot cutting, cold cutting and ultrasonic cutting. Each of these methods offers specific advantages and enables us to work with small to large widths, covering a range from 10 to 1600 mm. Whatever type of textile you need cut, we have the capabilities and experience to deliver impeccable cuts.

Hot cutting for optimum precision

Industrial hot cutting is one of our specialties, renowned for its precision and impeccable finish. We use heated knives or blades for this cutting method, ensuring clean contours and smooth cutting. This technique is particularly suitable for delicate or complex textiles, where precision is paramount. What’s more, industrial hot-edge textile cutting has the added advantage of sealing the edges of the textile, preventing fraying and providing a clean, professional finish.

Découpe textile industrielle
Découpe textile industrielle

Cold cutting and anti-fray treatment

Notre expertise en découpe textile industrielle inclut également la découpe à froid, une technique idéale pour les textiles plus épais ou rigides. Grâce à l’utilisation d’un système de molette, cette méthode de découpe ne nécessite pas de chaleur. Cela en fait une option sûre et efficace pour les textiles sensibles à la chaleur. Nous proposons également un traitement anti-effilochage pour assurer que les bords du textile restent intacts après la découpe, garantissant ainsi la qualité et la durabilité du produit final.

Environmentally-friendly ultrasonic cutting

Industrial ultrasonic textile cutting is one of the most advanced innovations we offer at Louison Industries. We are proud to use this environmentally-friendly technology, which offers exceptional precision while reducing our carbon footprint. Ultrasonic waves enable us to produce cuts of unrivalled finesse, adapted to the most demanding technical textiles. This method also guarantees high productivity, enabling our customers to benefit from fast, efficient manufacturing of their products.

Découpe textile à ultrason
Découpe textile industrielle

Custom cutting width

At Louison Industries, we understand the importance of meeting the unique needs of each project. That’s why we offer customized industrial textile cutting widths ranging from 10 to 1600 mm. Whatever the cutting format required, our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to produce cuts of any size with great precision. Thanks to this flexibility, we are committed to providing tailor-made solutions to guarantee customer satisfaction.


Consulting, research and manufacturing

Our innovative approach allows us to accompany you as a true partner, from the project idea to the industrialization of the finished product.


Our large experience in the world of textiles and plastics processes enables us to advise and guide you in your choice of products. If you encounter technical problems with one of your textile or plastic products, we are here to find solutions. Tell us about your projects so that we can help you solve your problems. We are no longer just your supplier, we become your partner!

R & D

Basic and experimental research is in the company's DNA. We are always on the lookout for new technologies from our suppliers and partners, so that we can offer you the most innovative solutions on the market. Our 2 laboratories allow us to carry out all kinds of research, development and tests quickly in order to develop and perfect new manufacturing processes and new materials.


We are able to design products from existing models or we can create a new product based on your specifications or a jointly developed specification. We study the constraints linked to the realization of your product, and we propose the most economical solution that meets your needs. If we can integrate a large part of eco-responsibility from the design stage, we will do so with passion.

FAQ | Industrial textile cutting

Textile heat cutting offers several advantages, including precise, clean cuts, sealed edges that prevent fabric fraying, the ability to cut synthetic or coated fabrics, and the possibility of creating complex patterns and shapes.

Textile hot cutting machines often include heated knives, dies or thermal presses that apply controlled heat to the material to make the cut.

Ultrasonic textile cutting uses ultrasonic vibrations to cut fabric. The vibrations generated by a high-frequency vibrating blade cut the material without heating or burning the fabric.

Ultrasonic textile cutting offers several advantages, such as high precision, no burrs or fraying, the ability to cut delicate or heat-sensitive fabrics, and the possibility of producing complex cuts and varied patterns.

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