Plastics processes

100% plastic parts as well as textile and plastic assemblies for many sectors.

Discover our expertise in the production of plastic parts.

At LOUISON INDUSTRIES, you have access to recognized and approved expertise as well as reactivity to accompany you from the conception to the realization of your project. We aim to provide you with a concrete and sustainable solution.

Today, we produce 100% plastic parts as well as textile and plastic assemblies for many sectors including luxury packaging, automotive suppliers, toy manufacturers… Straps, cords, braids… we can combine a textile substrate with plastic for any application and are also willing to evolve with new sectors of activity according to demand. We manufacture, for example, tipping tips, hooks, buckles, handles and overmoulded straps.

Please note that we can now offer you solutions in more environmentally friendly materials, as our ambition is to move fully towards a more environmentally responsible industry by adopting any measures or constraints related to the sustainable development approach.


Consulting, research and manufacturing

Our innovative approach allows us to accompany you as a true partner, from the project idea to the industrialization of the finished product.


Our large experience in the world of textiles and plastics processes enables us to advise and guide you in your choice of products. If you encounter technical problems with one of your textile or plastic products, we are here to find solutions. Tell us about your projects so that we can help you solve your problems. We are no longer just your supplier, we become your partner!

R & D

Basic and experimental research is in the company's DNA. We are always on the lookout for new technologies from our suppliers and partners, so that we can offer you the most innovative solutions on the market. Our 2 laboratories allow us to carry out all kinds of research, development and tests quickly in order to develop and perfect new manufacturing processes and new materials.


We are able to design products from existing models or we can create a new product based on your specifications or a jointly developed specification. We study the constraints linked to the realization of your product, and we propose the most economical solution that meets your needs. If we can integrate a large part of eco-responsibility from the design stage, we will do so with passion.

Know-how of the company

Discover the know-how of LOUISON INDUSTRIES in the field of plastics processing.
plasturgie extrusion

Extrusion / Coextrusion

Injection plastique 2

Plastic injection moulding

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With LOUISON INDUSTRIES, benefit from more than 140 years of know-how and experience in the field of textiles and plastics processes.

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